Nap Sack Sleep Hood – Sleep Anywhere!

nap sack


 “Take a nap anytime, anywhere!”

The Nap Sack Sleep Hood by Prank Pack is for when you feel like taking a nap but don’t have a nice comfortable bed near by. As the box advertises, you can use the nap sack at church, boring meetings, or on the ski lift. Obviously this isn’t a serious item, and doesn’t even have anything in the box. The Nap Sack is actually just a prank box you can use to trick people when you give them gifts.

Imagine they unwrap a gift excepting something awesome and find a box for this ridiculous item. But then they dig deeper by opening the box and find out it’s actually your great gift! So check out the awesome Nap Sack Sleep Hood and if you like it be sure to check out this other prank gift box, The Crib Gribbler.