3 Perks of Riding a Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers that you can ride have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Whether it is a standing or sitting mower, they have been used more often in big scale lawn care as well as simple residential lawn care. These mowers have many perks compared to the original push mowers, all of which touch on ease of use and maneuvering.

1. Easier to use

The most obvious perk of a lawn mower you can ride is that it is a much less psychically harsh process to care for your lawn. Pushing a mower, especially on a large property, can take a lot of energy and physical force, as mowing jobs can take the better half of a few hours to complete. In the end, it can be easy to become more focused on getting the job over with, rather than focusing on the quality of the work.

With a Cub Cadet ride on mower, you are able to take the load off your feet and arms and focus on the work being done. Standing allows the rider to still guide the mower in a similar way as the push mower, just with less pressure and physical exertion. A sitting mower may take some time to learn, as the position of mowing is unusual, but it provides much more comfort and ease while doing the work. Not to mention, it is much more comfortable, as many sitting mowers have cushioned seats.

2. Better for large jobs

With a big lawn or a large space to mow, a push mower may not do the job as well as needed. While riding a lawn mower, one is able to cover more area, get a cleaner cut, and cut the mowing time by a decent amount, leaving a perfectly mowed lawn in a shorter time frame. Some rideable mowers even have a larger area than a push mower, meaning more of the lawn is being mowed at a time.

If you work as a landscaper or do multiple mowing jobs at a time, a riding mower is going to make the workload much easier to handle. Not only will it, again, take a load off of the body and muscles, but it will ensure a job well done.

3. Better attachments

In the spirit of saving time and making the most of your tools, a riding mower may provide an easier approach to a complicated lawn or overall job. Rideable lawn mowers are made to provide more than just lawn mowing, and they provide many attachments in order to work toward the perfect yard.

Some mowers have attachments such as large collection bins for cut grass, making clean up much easier and smoother, or mulch covers and attachments that can help you apply mulch as well as avoid it while mowing. These, and many more, make the task of taking care of a lawn much easier and more efficient, making your rideable mower very worth it.

There are also some upgrade attachments, such as bumpers to protect in tight spaces or for accidents, carts to hold fertilizer, mulch, or whatever you are applying to the lawn (or, just to transport things), lights, and even more. Any of these options will provide a better experience for you and your mower.

Riding a mower will bring many perks

If you are someone who cares about your lawn, works on it a lot, and has the means to invest in lawn care, a mower that you can ride is a worthy investment. As we have spoken about, there are many perks of riding a mower. The ease, comfort, swiftness and accuracy, as well as the countless attachments are large selling points for switching to a rideable mower versus an old push mower. Making the switch may be the most thoughtful thing you do for your lawn, as well as yourself.