Whether you’ve just moved into a ‘fixer-upper’, or have simply become accustomed to your existing living space, it never hurts to take a second look at your area, and ask yourself if a bit of a makeover will help improve your homes look, feel, and feng shui.



Lighting is often used for ‘problem’ areas in feng shui and used to correct any number of vibrations, energy, or chi energy issues. In feng shui, light is the physical manifestation of the sun, and since lights often produce heat, it is another source of yang energy.

If your existing room/living space is low on light or has dominant overhead lights, it may be worth investing in a number of smaller, softer light sources, such as lamps. Floor lamps will brighten dark corners, and a torchiere lamp will not only increase light but bounce light from the roof back to the floor.


We’re naturally very visual beings, and the color of our walls, furniture, and living space items can negatively or positively affect our mood and wellbeing, depending on the color scheme chosen. The best thing about color is that it can be shifted quickly and easily with a new coat of paint and some new accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, or couch covers.

For an entry foyer, we recommend light blues and greens, as they signify wood energy, new beginnings, and healing. For your living room, we recommend earthy browns or whites (think hardwood floors), which signify grounding, self-care, and support. For the kitchen, whites and blues are a great choice, as they embody healing, appetite suppression, purity, and cleanliness.


Plants are a fantastic way to improve energy and feng shui in your space as they invite the energy of nature to your home or office. Houseplants can be nourishing and healing for your personal energy, but when it comes to the best plants for good feng shui, there are definitely some guidelines to follow:

Plants you should consider:

  • Air Purifying plants such as Areca Palm & Boston Fern
  • Protective energy plants such as Mother-in-law’s Tongue
  • Wealth attracting plants such as Jade & Bonsai Trees

Plants you should avoid:

  • Dying plants: If your plants are wilted, and on their way out, it’s important to remove that negative energy and replace it as soon as possible.
  • Spiky plants, such as cacti: Carry more of negative energy, and should be replaced with one of the other plants listed above.

Custom Window Treatments

Our goal is to allow ‘chi’ or energy flow smoothly around our home and living space. Given your windows and accompanying window treatments are such prominent features of your space, identifying the perfect treatment for your space is an important aspect of feng shui. The fabric, color, material, and how they are arranged all impact your space, and it may be worth sourcing custom window treatments online. Wovn Home, a direct to consumer window treatment solution, recommends the following tips for ensuring you find the perfect treatments for your space:

  • Make sure your drapes are sized appropriately for the window type, not too big, too small, or overly dramatic in nature;
  • If you have little wall space, consider Roman Shades. They are streamlined and will be a great solution for small or narrow windows;
  • Customized throw pillows are a fantastic accessory for any space. Look for a supplier that can customize down to the piping trim, to truly match your space;
  • Make sure that curtains open and close with ease – this will help you establish a positive daily ritual with them.

Is your living space a positive energy experience? What tips and strategies do you have for improving the chi in your home or office? Let us know, we’d love to hear about them!