If you’re a responsible property-owner, you likely want to keep up with all of the maintenance work. However, what about tasks that require specialized tools or handle dangerous substances? Well, some cleaning tasks are best left to the experts. Come on a journey and find out the most exciting cleaning tasks your house needs not very often, but very certainly, at least once a year. Find the best advice from the foremost cleaning companies in Glasgow, and keep your home in good shape by following this guide.


With the coming colder months, nothing could be more important than cleaning out your fireplace and chimney properly. A fireplace is cosy, sure, but not getting rid of soot regularly, can have a severe impact on your health and may be a dangerous fire hazard. Unsure of how to clean out a chimney properly? Find affordable house cleaning experts that know all about it on Cleanifiq – the premier cleaning marketplace in Glasgow. Find specialized cleaning options, with little to no hassle on your part. Cleaners come with their specialized tools, experience and insurance to cover for any eventualities.


One more exterior part of the house that goes oft ignored are the gutters lining the outside of your home. They’re an essential part of a surface of the house and serve to prevent erosion through rainwater of your very walls. However, over the year, especially come autumn, the leaves and debris that gets collected may clog them up and prevent them from functioning appropriately. It will be a slow process, but in time could cause severe problems. Avoid these issues cropping up, and any risk to yourself, by hiring an exterior cleaning service to do it for you. Coming equipped with specialized ladders and tools, allowing extra reach, cleaners specializing in gutter debris removal are perfect for the job.



Not a regular cleaning, which should be much more frequent, deep carpet cleaning services typically have specialized mounted equipment to facilitate the process. That type of cleaning will remove the most deep-seated debris, and remove all stains, essentially, from the surface. Sure, you pay for a specialized service, but in return, you get a carpet that’s as good as new. Soft, fluffy, entirely clean and with a fresh, new, vibrant colour. What’s not to love? It’s perfect if you’ve got small children or pets!

Air vents

Clean air vents are an essential facet of any healthy home. The vents dictate the quality of the air you breathe – making sure they’re at their best directly benefits you. The vents for heating or cooling can accumulate various debris for a year, leaving your AC less efficient and your air of generally lesser quality. Although challenging, you can try to clean them out on your own. More reasonable, however, is to find an appropriate cleaning service in Glasgow which includes all of the services you require, plus this one. The best way to go about is to use Cleanifiq and get yourself a cleaner that can do everything you need them to.

Washing machine & Dryer

That’s right; even these beloved devices you use to help with cleaning things out need to be kept up in a good shape! Given that these machines are relatively expensive, avoid risking their internal mechanisms by exposing them to a home-recipe solution that will do all the cleaning for you. It’s best to buy a special product, or, better yet, hire a professional cleaning company which includes this service. You won’t have to worry about it ever again.

The main takeaway is that once you’re responsible for the upkeep of your home, you can’t afford to skip out on important tasks, even if you only have to do them once a year. For all of your cleaning needs, feel free to visit Cleanifiq and get your free quotes.