Commercial vs Residential Lawn Mower

Various Yards Require Different Tools

It may seem as if all lawn mowers are the same; however, there are actually two different types of equipment, including residential and commercial. People have a variety of yards that range in size, and these lawns require an array of tools in order to properly maintain them. Therefore, different yard tools need to be utilized in order to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

The Differences Between Commercial Versus Residential Lawn Mowers

There is a notable difference when it comes to commercial lawn mowers versus the traditional residential lawnmowers. Firstly, residential mowers are utilized just for residential properties. On the other hand, companies that offer lawn maintenance services to individuals and/or businesses typically use commercial mowers. Both of these types of equipment have different functionality levels and are utilized for various types of green spaces. The difference between these types of yard machines includes quality, price, endurance, and features.

The Standard Residential Lawn Mower

Traditionally, when it comes to a residential riding lawn mower, they are built on a much smaller scale and at a much more affordable price. Typically, these machines are more compact and have fewer features and controls than their commercial counterparts. These lawnmowers are built to mainly be used once a week instead of every day. These machines are built using a simple structure and lower engine horsepower. Additionally, this equipment is much better suited for smaller spaces as well as yards that do not require attention more than twice a week.

The Upgraded Commercial Lawn Mower

When it comes to commercial lawn mowers, these machines are typically built to withstand daily heavy-duty usage and carry a greater price tag. These large mowers are built to be used day in and day out cutting grass in different yards. Equipped with a zero-turn, the commercial lawn mower also offers users a higher quality when it comes to the engine, structure, and overall build of the machine. Furthermore, the commercial lawn mower has the ability to cut grass at a much faster speed than the traditional residential lawnmower. This is widely due to the higher engine capacity, better structural build, and larger deck width. When it comes to the commercial lawn mowers, there are endless options. Some of these numerous options can even be towed behind a riding mower in order to complete a job more quickly.

When to Purchase a Commercial Lawn Mower Over a Residential One

While residential mowers are overall a great investment, there are certain situations in which a commercial mower may be more beneficial to individuals. It would be ideal to invest in a commercial lawn mower if individuals own a personal landscaping business or if they have larger yards that require a vast amount of time to mow. If a yard takes over an hour and needs attention more than twice per week, it may be a better option to purchase a commercial lawn mower over the traditional one. Utilizing a commercial mower for this type of lawn is going to provide a better-quality cut in the long run and will allow the job to be completed much more efficiently than a residential one.