Creating An Organized System In Your Home

Just imagine walking into your house and bumping into several things on the floor. You hit boxes of pizza, clothes, and shoes on your way to the bedroom. And every piece of clothing you pick you cannot really tell if it is clean or not, do you think that is a way to live? We think not. You need some order, and below are some ways to stay orderly whether you are a busy body or not.

Have a routine

Having a routine is the first step towards becoming orderly in your home. Creating a pattern mentally is making a list of things to do one after the other, which then translates to being orderly in reality. Think of it this way, when you wake up, and the first place is the bathroom, why not set a place to put your dirty laundry there? Having such a system mentally will translate to reality, and you will even get a location to set up Kids’ bags and storage baskets without breaking a sweat.

Separate your laundry

Since you have a set location to put your dirty laundry, setting up a spot to place your clean stash will become easier. Defining which is which will reduce clatter and the eventuality of you throwing things all over the floor searching for a particular piece of clothing.

Use storage baskets

Storage baskets can be used for diverse uses, and these are to store clothes, books, toys, and anything else that can remotely fit inside one. And using them will help you significantly in keeping your household organized. Protip; get a different color for another commodity and if labeling helps, do that too.

Keep the trash outside

Remember when we spoke about pizza boxes on the floor? Do you know what can help you with that? The answer is to keep the trash outside. Having such a trash system in place will prompt you to stay disciplined and eliminate any garbage by placing it out after you are done with it. You could also take the organization to another level and divide the kind of trash you have, such as decompose, dry litter, and recyclables, into different compartments. Also, make sure that there is a system where this trash is collected religiously to avoid build-up that will make the outside messy yet again.

Train everyone in the household to follow the rules

Lastly, ensure that everyone living in your home follows the rules you set aside to stay organized. And even if you stay alone, you should remain disciplined and ensure that you follow every rule you have put in place.

Take away

Staying organized entails that you put up a system and remain disciplined to follow it to the latter. Without discipline, you will be back at kicking old and used food boxes and finding your way through clothes that you have no idea if they are clean or not. That said, make that decision to stay organized and stick to it.