Deciphering the DIY Pest Control products

Until recently, Insects used to pose the most problem to the populace and received the bulk of attention from pesticide manufacturers and retailers. But as things stand, rodents have become a constant cause of worry for house owners, companies, and other building owners. 

As the concerns rise, pest control manufacturers and retailers are also rising to the challenge. For every do it yourself pest control shop you enter, you are bound to notice a larger area of the shop dedicated to products that control rodents. 

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However, we cannot deny the fact that in all of their efforts, we have been unable to have the maximum effect, high impact pesticides that would put an end to the constant battles that occur in our homes every day. 

Many fingers point to the event which took place on March 31st, 2015 as the reason for the current situation of things with rats and mice; especially as it relates to getting the perfect pesticide for the little terrors. 

In March, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), primarily responsible for regulating pesticides in the United States made a decree concerning the biggest manufacturer of what was arguably the best rodent bait at the time.

According to the EPA, the ingredients of the active chemical content of the product was high risk and poisonous to children and house pets. The EPA also faulted the packaging of this product and asked that it be changed as safer products were more within standards.

Although we did get these safer baits with tamper-proof containers, they came with some downsides; these safer baits are not as active as what we used to have. They require to be used multiple times before they become lethal and that in itself makes it harder to get the utmost effectiveness. 

While we went through pesticide packages, from the angular boxes to the open feeding tray, and then the easy toss packs, we all might have missed something pretty important. 

As pest controls changed packaging from time to time, the stronger pest bait that was previously proscribed is still making rounds; only that it doesn’t look the way it did, and doesn’t bear any name that can be recognized. 

While we have the safer products approved by the pest control industry in the public space, we still have the strong ones making rounds in our pest control markets. Perhaps, you just need to look hard enough to find it. 

Generally, rodent control is either carried out using traps or baits and they both have their high and low points. Baits are the poisonous solution to rodents and can kill many rodents at the same time. Most bait also comes with the stations where they will be placed, as well as extra contents for a refill if the need arises. 

As DIY is on the increase, there are so many baits out there, some of them unusual or rather unique, and they are being tried out, all in a bid to get the four-legged terror out of our homes. 

Many do it yourself rodent insecticides are making it to the shelves, even those without EPA registrations. A tray packaged rodenticide made of salt and cornmeal has also made its way to the commercial market; even though there has been no official testing and approval of such pest control and it doesn’t contain any toxicant.

The rationale behind it, however, is that salt will make the rodents thirsty; harden the cornstarch and eventually lead the rat or mice to live its final hours or minutes as the case may be. 

A lot is going on as it concerns rodents and DIY pest control products to handle them, and that explains while everyone is increasingly trying out different things in a bid to rid their homes of rodents. 

Traps are also rodent control equipment that offers an option to catch and/or kill rodents without the use of poisons. Traps are of different types and specifications, offering options according to personal preference.

A snap trap is one of these options; the snap trap will catch and kill the rodent, helping you do the dirty work, while you just sit back and dispose of the body of the fallen rat. 

For a more humane option, you have the traps that will simply catch the rodent and leave it to you to let them go (out of your house of course). One thing you cannot rule out however is the fact that these rodents can turn right around and come in the same way they did before. 

In the end, we are left to go through many pest control options in a bid to find what works for you and achieves the aim; to get the rodents gone!

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