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Girls Bedrooms Decor | A girl’s bedroom is normally her sanctuary. With the correct design it should reflect her personality. It should inspire and motivate her. For decorating a girl’s bedroom, tinkering with different colours is okay because this can be thrilling on the girl. For girls who love dancing, the room can be designed to reflect this. You can make the room look like a ballet studio by hanging mirrors on the walls so that it is look like an exclusive ballet studio. For this design, the walls should be painted in pink. You can also hang ballet shoes on the walls and also have a pink skirt bed. The bedding can be pink in colour although cream colour will even do.

Another great design to get a girl’s bedroom is setting the seaside theme. This works mostly because many teenagers like to surf and walk along beaches. You can use blue colour to represent water and brown colour to represent sand. If your girl loves art, you can have her paint ocean waves, sea gulls as well as other ocean creatures. One in the walls can even be painted to depict sunset. To make the walls more charming you can attach surfboards or hibiscus flowers. These can even be used to make islands. The bedding’s colour should increase the beach theme. One way to ensure that is through the use of raffia fingers on the desks, window valances or dressers. Shell shaped party lights can be stringed over the window valances.

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For girls whose sole passion is travelling, the bed room should be designed to reflect the same. This can be done by designing each wall to represent her favourite destinations like the pyramids of Giza. This requires the use of imagination to be able to satisfy her fantasies.

Finally, along with you use to brighten the bed room is vital as it reflects her personality. A good way to make use of this to your great advantage is by painting the walls of her bedroom with her favourite colour. You can also have another colour that complements her favourite colour to make something more unique. Painting stripes, clouds, polka dots or using stencils can have a better effect than painting a good colour. A mural painted on a single in the walls can also help develop a unique bedroom design for your girl. Finally along with that you simply go for the curtains as well as other bedroom accessories should rhyme while using wall colour.

Since girl’s bedrooms are expected being cozy and glamorous, ensure that the design reflects the same. This should also include an exclusive reading area. This can be created on a single corner with numerous cushy pillows as well as a white shag carpet. Remember to hang soft fantasy bower on the area to really make it special. Although there a multitude of ideas you can use for your girls bedroom make sure you include her input because this will make sure a finish product that is acceptable to her.

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