We all wish we could live in spaces with huge gardens or a yard right in front of our house. But city life takes up the entire pleasure of country living. While this might be a disappointment for some, we see a lot of people growing the best gardens in the limited space they have. Balconies have become a great space for most of us to rekindle our thoughts of gardening and enjoy the lush greenery. These small spaces, if decorated thoughtfully, can completely transform the look and feel of your balcony. You can decorate them as per your vibe and feel.

flower pots

So, if you enjoy container gardening as much as we do, here are some suggestions to choose amongst various flower pots:

Hanging plants

One of the best ways to decorate your balcony is by using hanging plants. Just make sure to have a solid structure where you can hang them and you are good to go. These plants make your balcony look fuller and very fresh because of its greenery. Some of the plants you can hang are English Ivy, Burro’s Tail or even money plants. These plants give an extra length to your suspended garden. Choose some designer garden pots to give that added texture and you are good to go.

Choose vertical gardens

Another trend which has taken the country by the storm in the last few years is the idea of a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are nothing but racks for plants that can be placed on the walls of your balcony. They will save up money and space at the same time making it your best bet. If you wish to go an extra notch try recycling the bottles at your place to make it more sustainable. And here you go, you have a budget-friendly but amazing looking garden right at your doorstep.

Create colour schemes

While it is important to choose the right kind of pot for every plant, try choosing the pots and the plants of the same colour scheme. This gives a feel filled with nature’s vibrancy and enthral. Similarly, in the case of the plants, try having a theme. Choose colours to make your balcony go bloom with positivity. While all the greens can be placed on the other. This will set a theme going for your little garden. 


Growing a bunch of plants in combination can give your balcony an extra edge. A lot of plants are annual in nature and hence they bud only when their season arrives. The best way to have them grow out beautifully is by placing 3-4 of them in one pot and creating an amazing look of their own. These multicolour flowers while growing in beautiful combinations and will give your pots an extra notch.

Accessories and Pebbles

Just how an outfit can look extra polished with accessories, your balcony can look extremely beautiful if you choose to accessorize it. Similar to how you see your local gardens decorated with pebbles and colourful stones. Choose some pretty garden accessories and create your own balcony flower garden. You can even add some of them on top of the soil of your pots to give your containers a beautiful effect as well.

Indoor Plant Pots

Indoor plant pots are your best bets to create some symmetry in your garden. Since your balcony is a small space, get your small indoor plant pots and plant some small homegrown herbs in it. This will not just give you space for your own herb garden but will give a good structure between the themes that you plan to inculcate. A well-designed balcony can give you country yard fields and the freshness of herbs will give it an added glow.

Railing planters

Another amazing idea to give your balcony that boost is to use railing planters. These are pots which can be hanged on the railing of your balcony. They are placed outside your balcony, hence leaving plenty of space. But at the same time they give structure and vibe to the place from outside as well. These are very commonly used these days since they are pretty and affordable at the same time. You can either create a railing platform in order to give enough space for you to place your planters or you can simply use planters with a metal hook to leave them hanging. In either case, this is one of the most common and simple methods to decorate your space.

Climbing plants

And finally, the best way to transform your veranda or balcony is by using climbing plants. While this will require some support from a steel rod or trellis, it will alter the entire look of your wall. Some of the best climbing plants to grow are jasmine and blue morning glory. These plants grow pretty fast and are heaven to your eyes.

Fibreglass Plants

If you are someone with a very minimal taste and do not like so much drama happening in your garden, Bonasila is for you. Fibreglass planters from Bonasila are classy and very chic looking. They make your space look very elegant while adding the luxury factor. They have multiple benefits for the health of your plant. They can be your go-to options for doing organic gardening and simply for creating a space which will be soothing to your eyes.

While the space you have is limited, your creativity shouldn’t be. With Bonasila, you can see you have multiple options to choose from. You can either opt-in for a very elegant and minimal garden or you can go extremely dramatic and full. Either way, these planters will help you transform your balcony completely.. Simply sit, relax and visualize and you will know exactly which one to choose.