Deck renovation might be tricky business, but keeping your deck in good shape ensures that you always have a comfortable spot to relax during warmer weather. A well-maintained timber deck both looks fantastic and improves the life of the wood. It could also serve to increase the value of your house on the market and render it more desirable to prospective buyers. Make your old deck look like a new one – we’ll guide you through the entire refinishing process, with tips from experts for handling rougher spots and getting the job done faster. What’s more, it is possible to revive nearly any deck by following a few basic steps:

1.      Doing all the necessary repairs

For starters, you should inspect the entire deck. Here you should pay extra attention to spots in direct contact with the earth. If the wood there seems too malleable, that’s a tell-tale sign of rot, which means a significant renovation is in order. It is recommended to do all deck repair work before continuing; otherwise, all of your hard work might have to be scrapped. If you’re unsure about the state of your wood, or if you detect the need for repairs, make sure to call a professional. A poor repair job can have disastrous results.

2.      Cleaning up

Experts recommend cleaning your deck yearly. With proper maintenance, all you’ll need to make your deck look brand new is a deck cleaner. From there, it’s simple: spray, scrub, and rinse. Keep in mind that you’ll need the right equipment – eye protectors and gloves are mandatory when using dangerous chemicals. Also: there are many cleaners on the market for wood deck repair. Different types of cleaning products correspond to different kinds of stains – do some research to pick the best one for the job.

3.      How to stain

Once you are finished with the repairs and the cleaning process, it’s time to apply the coating. There are quite a few options, but the one you choose has to fit your wood perfectly; otherwise, you will have to remove and reapply. It’s best to hire deck repair contractors, since the job is both important, very detailed and requiring experience and tools unavailable to most deck working enthusiasts. If you do decide to attempt it by yourself: don’t apply it too thickly, else you’ll get blotches; start inside corners and work outwards and keep in mind that it sets in very fast.

These steps are all you need to give your deck a fresh new life. Now, here’s a word of warning: people are making a living doing this for a reason. While the steps are generally simple, the devil is in the details. What kind of finish you pick, making the proper repairs, having the right tools, health concerns, as well as time considerations are all important points to consider. Making a couple of wrong choices can make your deck renovation cost exceed that of hiring an expert. A botched job can not only be more costly than getting some support but also may be dangerous for your house or even your health. So, if you’re not sure how much rot is on your boards and believe that your deck needs a professional touch, EchoHousePainting is here to offer you a variety of services.

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