Technology creates processes designed to change over time, bringing with it opportunities and risks. For a long time, technological development has conditioned the evolution of man, according to energy company reviews: now that we are approaching the end of 2020, the changes that will somehow influence our way of life are many, especially in terms of information technology and security cybernetics.

Wind energy is another important topic in terms of future trends. Wind energy has become a key source of electricity production for changing the energy model, cleaner and more sustainable. Improving technology allows wind farms to produce electricity as cheaply as coal or nuclear power plants.

Future trends:

  • Robotic and artificial intelligence
  • 5G
  • Blockchain structure

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Both robotics and artificial intelligence have fundamentally changed the way we live and work. From a business point of view, it has simplified and automated even the most complex jobs. From a personal point of view, he introduced technologies such as home automation, to automate the most common household operations (turning on a light, activating heating, etc.). From the point of view of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence serves to strengthen security systems. On the other hand, however, it is easier for threats and attacks to become increasingly sophisticated for this reason.

The problem of artificial intelligence is more delicate: on the one hand, there is a growing awareness of the positive role that this technology can play in business, on the other hand, the fear of how it will affect people’s lives. Big data management (large volumes of information provided by new capacity and increasing processing speed) can also present some critical problems and increasingly sophisticated solutions are being studied to contain the security risks of citizens, institutions, and businesses.

You need to become a little familiar with these issues to better understand the impact that new technologies will have on the environment, work, and daily life.

Technologies to be adopted in companies as well

A digital transformation is a historical event that we can see both personal lives every day, both on the market and in the industry.

There are trends that entrepreneurs need to meet and bring into their business if they want to have a future in business.


Allows faster access to data and the internet. It facilitates distance work, e-commerce, and all possible online activities, significantly accelerating them. 5G is one of the most advanced technologies ever when it comes to online browsing. From a cybersecurity perspective, security threats increase as computing and security are pushed to the limit and end-user devices.

Blockchain structure

Proper Blockchain technology allows for adequate security and reduces the need for a third party to perform any type of exchange. In terms of cybersecurity, Blockchain technology can secure the supply chain as well as data and can enable services such as Open Banking without any real risk.

Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has great potential for creating distributed archive structures (all members of the structure own it at the same time) and which relies on a chain of nodes (block) to ensure certainty and transparency of information, data, contracts, and transactions.

It means that instead of having an institution or archive responsible for storing and certifying certain information, for example, I can ask for a statistical sample large enough to allow me to be sure that if all nodes respond in the same way, then this information is necessarily true. If we start from this premise, we face the possibility of streamlining and conducting more efficient operations and transactions that today go through intermediaries and certifiers, responding to the needs of certainty and transparency.