Property Casualty Adjuster and Claims

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The response of the Property-casualty adjuster to the claim from the previous county contractor.

The casualty and property adjuster for the Underwriters Safety and Claims, contractor Candace Reese Walters has been asked by the claims officer for more details on her claim that Walter is owed $25,000 by the county for overtime tasks and attorney charges that deals with the tasks Walter performed for the county.

A letter was written to Walters dated Nov. 14, in which Laurie Barczykowski outlined that further information is required to finalize the analysis of her claims, which are time cards and receipts/invoices and since it is a claim on a government entity that involves taxpayer funds and all claims are required to be documented.

It was indicated in a letter Walters sent the previous week to the Doherty County Commissioner and the Albany Herald indicating that she had attempted to receive the funds owed her for a year. She claimed that she assisted in two life-threatening storms in 2017 where she carried out contract public relations work for the county. (She was known during this time as Candace Reese as she informed the Albany Herald that she wedded after her work with the county was finalized).

Spencer Lee, the County’s Attorney informed the Herald that he was in charge of evaluating claims by Walters and that the county was not owing to her any amount during this time.

Durante Partridge, Walter’s attorney indicated in an attachment included in a letter she sent to commissioners to the recent judge at the Appeals Court, Judge Ken Hodges, who promised to collaborate with her attorney to ensure she received the full compensation owed her. Partridge sent a response on behalf of Walter concerning the letter provided to his client by Underwaters’ Barczykowski.

He wrote that:

I am providing a response to my client concerning the correspondence received on your request to provide documentation/interaction within a timeframe of 24 hours. Unluckily, this would not be done right now as we have conversed with the Doherty Administrator, Attorney Lee, Judge Ken Hodges and Mr.Michael McCoy, about the funds owed my client for the works carried out beyond the frame of the agreement.

My client suitably carried out top-notch services for the county, during and after the storm, even more than the hours on contract. Additionally, my client created and managed the social media profiles of the county, which was exempted from the agreement, nor underemployment because there was no employment agreement in place. Additionally, the charges for an attorney covered in the contract and the current attorney charges were not settled as this issue has been raised since last year.

Laurie, there is also more to our frustration as the county, particularly Mr. McCoy and Mr. Hodges are both in agreement that my client should be compensated for her work (the special media access she created on Facebook and Twitter) and the extra hours she invested. This agreement was provided after my client has been charged with a criminal offense which indicates that it has been created under duress or stress at the very least. Furthermore, Attorney Lee likewise recognized that the legal charges for the contract, be paid to my client.We beckon you to inform us if you have been opportune to have a word with the individuals named above for their points on view on the situation.

Please contact me directly for further clarification and not my client.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Barczykowski indicated in a letter she wrote to Walters that the Doherty County Board of Commissioners has concluded to honor the agreement and make a payment of $19,194,40 to Envision Global Corporation for your work. Concerning your email, you requested $25,000 to cover attorney charges, storm interactions and work products beyond the contract timeframe and should be paid on the 15th of December. However, there is no available documentation to back up this claimed amount.