Kitchen trends have evolved dramatically over the last few decades. Where once they were simply a means to an end, hidden away to be used only for cooking, they are now front and center of designers’ minds. With the kitchen becoming central to a functional home we have seen stunning advances in technology and style. As we enter another new decade, let’s take a look at the latest kitchen trends.


Exposed Shelving

While traditional kitchen cabinets are still very much prominent there is a growing population that are switching to open shelves for their walls. As kitchens these days become more about wow factor, as the showiest room of the house, homeowners are keener to display their kitchenwares alongside decorative pieces that would previously sit in the living room. Shelves have the advantages of being a better use of wall space than cabinets, as well as displaying everything in the open, so you don’t have to go rummaging.

Island Benches

What’s new in kitchen islands? 2020 is bringing with it the philosophy of more is more when it comes to islands. We are seeing an increase in popularity for double islands which maximize counter space and create a striking symmetry to a kitchen. Another trend you can expect to see grow is the use of one larger island with multipurpose functionality. With open shelves becoming popular, and cabinetry diminishing somewhat, a large island with storage and even appliances built into it is a dazzling centerpiece for the focal point of the room.

Smart Kitchens

Technology advancements have certainly blasted kitchen design into a new age. In 2020 we are seeing patents on fridges that can sense when its contents are about to spoil, ovens that will recognise the dish inside it and cook appropriately, and recipe suggestions based on what ingredients you have. For now we have WiFi controlled coffee makers, voice and device controlled lighting and motion sensors for your faucets. Keep an eye on smart kitchen development this year. New technology always trends, and kitchens will be no exception.

Darker Color Tones

Yes, white is still very much a staple of kitchen design. However, the uncontested market leader of a pristine neutral-toned kitchen may be under more threat than ever in 2020. Darker tones are being used to break up all-white kitchens, whether in wood stain colors or different kitchen cabinet materials and finishes. With the kitchen taking up more floor space than ever in a lot of new builds the need for a light and airy look isn’t as prevalent. You can use darker wood and paint colors for your cabinets without making the room seem too small.

This year is shaping up to be a very exciting one for kitchen trends. There are more possibilities for unique and stylish design than ever before. Check out your nearest home show to get a more in depth look at how industry professionals and contractors are implementing new ideas and technology to make leaps forward in the world of kitchen improvement.