How to make an office in your home

Due to the pandemic, work restructuring and schooling are taking place on a major scale. As such, a lot of people are now working and schooling from home. Sitting back on the couch with a computer on your laps is not the ideal position for productivity and does not help with looming deadlines. You need to create an inspiring workspace in your office. Here are tips to help you do that:

Choose a good location and lovely colours

Where you place your desk in your home is very important. You have to look for a place where you can disconnect from your home life and plug into your work life. Stay away from distractions and keep all work-related stuff in a place. Ensure your desk is not filled with unrelated stuff. Also, use colours that affect your subconscious positively. Colour is very personal but research shows that colours such as red and orange can be distracting while colours such as blue and green engender an optimistic environment. If you are painting the walls, use a good and non-distracting colour. If you don’t want to paint walls, use a wallpaper that gives depth and visual interest to your workspace without any distraction.

Go for comfort and be creative

Make your office as comfortable as possible. You want an ergonomic workspace because it is key to your productivity. However, be strict with what you allow into your home office. Invest in good furniture for your office; go for ergonomic desk and chair. Invest in good headphones too and curate a great playlist to keep you entertained during the day. Use the right stationery as well. large wall charts, traditional wall calendar, post-it notes, etc. helps to keep you on track. You can also get a jotter and pen if you will like to do some traditional writing once in a while. Also, be creative with decorating your space. You can make a painting and hang on the wall, or bring in a plant and place in a base. Your environment goes a long way in boosting your creativity. Add some motivational touches as well. if you have quotes that inspire you, inject it into your workspace. You need an extra push to keep you going sometimes, so these motivational touches will help you keep going. There are a number of products, such as getting a pillow for your seat if you experience back pains from sitting for long products, that you can get that can make your home office more comfortable. You can read about Bedfolk on to know what products you can get from the platform that will make your home office more comfortable. When your home office is comfortable, it will be easier to work for a longer period, thereby increasing your productivity. Hence, you should invest in making your home office as comfortable as possible.

Use good lighting and clever storage

Lighting has a huge effect on your ability to work well. Allow a lot of natural light into your space. It is healthier, boosts your productivity and keeps headaches away at bay. Invest in good LED lights if you don’t have access to natural light. Besides, store your things cleverly. Utilize the space on the wall by installing shelves. You can also use floating shelves or baskets. Don’t allow your workspace to be disorganized as it can hinder your productivity a lot. Ensure your workspace is always clean and your table is never overcrowded. Regularly revies the items you have lieing around and if any doesn’t add value, take them away.