The security systems in residential are getting more important recently. It is caused by the increase in crime incidents in the residential. There are many robbers who do their activities in the residential since this location is having less security than office or government institutions. Some of the robbers bring all of the money and prestigious things in houses. Regarding these cases, the improvement of the security systems in residential is important. Nowadays, a lot of people use security camera systems as a way to improve security in residential. This security camera technologies can be installed in the houses so that the effect of the crime will be minimized. There are some advantages of using the security camera in a residential area. The first one is preventing the crime by scaring the robbers or thieves. You may realize that installing the security camera in the mere sight can make the thieves afraid when they are doing their crime. Since the security camera will record their activities. In addition, people can see their faces and characteristic. Then, it will be easier for people to do the investigation. Another advantage is the easiness of installing the security camera. This camera can be installed anywhere and available in some shapes and sizes. Therefore, it can fit any other place. In addition, the presence of the security camera will enable the people to monitor the activity in the residential houses. It can help people to know any suspicious movement. The recording of security cameras can be used as proof of the crime. It will be used as strong evidence in case the crime happens. Moreover, by seeing the security camera records, the people can determine the right decision regarding the problem or the crime. There are several types of security cameras that can be chosen by the people. They can choose based on their needs.

Choosing the Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras

One of the types of a security cameras is Internet Protocol (IP) Camera. What is it? Well, the Internet Protocol Camera is a digital camera that can be used for transmitting and receiving data by using the internet connection. This IP Camera looks like a webcam. However, it has some differences from the normal webcam. This Internet Protocol camera can work alone by using its own IP address and a network connection to transmit or receive any data. How does it work? Well, this camera will take pictures in the same way as a digital camera. Then, this camera will compress the sizes and start to transmit them by using the network. This camera can be connected by using some type of connections such as a broadband modem, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet cable. In order to set up this camera, the people just need to connect it with any network and configure the position of the camera. There are some advantages by installing the Internet Protocol Camera such as the easiness of viewing the images of Internet Protocol Camera. The image can be view by using some devices such as mobile phones, personal computers (PC) and laptop. In addition, the image or video can be viewed as footage or audio streaming. This kind of security camera can be used as an indoor or outdoor security camera. It’s such a good option for improving security in residential. If you want to but any Internet Protocol Camera, you can purchase it from Use That Cam Company. There are many options for Internet Protocol Camera that can be chosen by the people. For example, HP 720p Wireless Internet Protocol Camera with Intelligent Auto Tracking. This camera is designed with some excellent features such as motion detection, night vision, remote access, viewing angle about 90o, Two Way Audio as the audio output. This Internet Protocol Camera is supported by some operating systems such as Android and iOS. Another option of this Internet Protocol Camera from Use That Cam is a 1080P Wireless Rechargeable Battery Internet Protocol Camera. This security camera is designed with some features such as night vision, fully wireless, dust and water-resistant, and USB Rechargeable Battery. In addition, this security camera is also supported by the SD Card up to 128 GB. Two Communication will enable people to communicate with each other. Normally, this internet protocol camera is used in a nanny cam, garage, home, and office.

Using the Wireless Security Camera

Another type of security camera is Wireless Security Camera or also known as Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). This camera will transmit any video or audio through the wireless receiver by using the radio band. The wireless camera can be divided into two types based on the presence of wire that is the camera that uses less cable and camera which uses battery-powered. Meanwhile, based on the type of transmission, this security camera can be divided into two types that are analog camera and a digital camera. The analog wireless uses radio frequencies to transmit the signal of audio and video. The strength of the transmission signal will be lower if there are some barriers presence on its way. Examples of barriers are walls, furniture, doors, and open space. Meanwhile, digital wireless uses high bandwidth radio frequencies to transmit the audio and video signal that is encoded as digital packets. It can be used in open space. It also produces high-quality video and audio and provides the two-way communication of the camera and receiver. This security camera is so famous since its advantages such as low installation costs and easy to be installed in any place. It also produces seamless video streaming over the internet. If you want to purchase the wireless security camera, you can purchase it from the Use That Cam. There are some types of wireless security cameras that can be chosen. For example, 2 In 1 4CH 1080p 12″ LCD Wireless NVR+ 4 Cameras. This security camera is designed with some features such as Weatherproof, motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi Connection, Remote Access, Email Alert, and App Push. This security camera is supported by Android and iOS.